Tips for Buying Diamond Canada Engagement and Wedding Jewellery


Diamond wedding and engagement rings are the traditional choices for couples who wish to formalize their unions. However, their popularity has resulted in the presence of a wide assortment of options, which can leave you in confusion during the selection process. How then can you pick the best diamond engagement and wedding jewellery?

The first consideration is to learn about the 4 C's of diamond, which you should balance so as to find the perfect compromise. They include:

o    Cut is the most important quality, and it is what gives the stone its brilliance. There are four grades of diamond cut, and they include poor, fair, good and very good.

o    Color is a grading term that denotes the amount of color absent or present in a stone. Note that it is only applicable to white diamonds.

o    Clarity is the absence of blemishes and flaws that result from the diamond formation process. Six categories can be used to describe this quality.

o    Carat is the weight of the stone, and each is equivalent to 200 milligrams. The larger the stone, the more the weight but that does not mean it is more valuable because price will depend on the rest of the C's also.

Set your budget before you head out to purchase diamond wedding rings canada . It is easy to go overboard during the purchase of jewellery, which often results in regrets. Do not begin the search before coming up with a budget because you may come across a striking piece and have to make the tough decision over whether to buy it or go for a cheaper and less beautiful stone.

Many if not all jewellers offer warranties or guarantees to their clients with every transaction. Make sure that such promises are in writing, which is not always the case. It also pays to inquire about what the warranty covers besides the standard inspections and cleaning.

Only purchase from a jeweller who can furnish you with a report or certificate. This document outlines the exact weight and measurements, as well as information regarding quality, cut and all other features of the stone. With a diamond report, you will have a document that shows the identity of your stone.

Make certain to purchase your gemstone engagement rings from legitimate merchants who are not in any way involved in funding conflict. Ask to see written guarantees that the diamonds are conflict-free, which is of particular importance if you wish to purchase online jewellery.